Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Amsterdam is here!

I actually intended for this blog to be more about my crazy work stories rather than specifically pushing brands (mainly because I have to push brands all day in my accounts) but I feel the need to share this brand. 
New Amsterdam Straight Gin. The launch was yesterday (in Phoenix) although it has already been available in other areas. The party was perfect. A cocktail party with a sushi bar as well as an open bar (which may be what's gotten me so excited about the brand). The catch phrase for the brand is "So smooth you can drink it straight", but I was definitely adding some tonic to mine. After going through the presentation of the brand, we got to the part that really counted: the tasting. Under most circumstances I'm more of a vodka/tonic (Effin is my first choice, and not a brand I work for) but the New Amsterdam was smooth enough to make me go back for seconds... and thirds... and the night gets a little blurry but possibly a fourth. 
By the end of the night I was schmoozing with winery and marketing execs and bonding with my wasted coworkers and taking pictures with my boss. T took two swift falls and R and C went home together. 
I woke up to a text message from B's gf asking if I knew where B was because he wasn't answering his phone and never came home last night (later found out B was fine and just turned his phone on silent and went back to his own place instead of to his gf's... yay for no MIA coworks!!) I didn't realize until about 5am that J crashed on my couch after being too wasted to drive the 4 blocks back to his own house. I had to wake him up and remind him of his ride along with our boss which was to begin at 6am. Overall though, I'd say the night was fun and I didn't embarrass myself... at least not that I remember and not more than anyone else. 
But most important to mention is that after many drinks and only a few hours of sleep: NO HANGOVER!! Yes, New Amsterdam has found a new drinker in me. 

PS The entire night involved cab rides and absolutely NO drinking and driving. Drinking is too fun to ruin it with a DUI or car accident... so don't be lame

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