Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Alamos Selección Malbec

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Napa Valley Trip - William Hill

Yep, that's the same as the label. The top of the building that is. Before visiting William Hill, my company went through a little relaunch and tasting of the wines. We talked about a few years back when William Hill Cabernet Sauvinon was ranked in the top ten wines in the world... followed by a few years of not quite living up to that year's grape. And how with a new winemaker, the whole brand would be revamped and re-released. Well... it seems like they've had a great start.
First off, I had already drank more than a few glasses of wine from Louis Martini when I arrived at William Hill, so I apologize for fewer pictures as well as fewer details. I do know I asked if the winemaker was there (He is very handsome, and very skilled at his winemaking... what else are girls looking for?), but he was not there that day :( There was no tour, but we did relax and have a few samples during our VIP tasting. There is a difference between the regular wine tasting and the VIP tasting... I believe all the wines are different except for 1.
I really wish I could tell you more, but I am lacking on details as I already mentions. My favorite was the Cabernet Franc, which I realized during this trip is probably my new favorite varietal of wine. I purchased the Petit Verdot which was DIVINE, if you like exceptionally dry wine.

This was the view of their vineyards. The wine making rooms were a little dull and mechanical from what I could see. The pictures did not come out very clear because they were taken through a window (because we tasted but did NOT tour, we did not get a chance to actually go in to the room, and I am sure there are more rooms where you would pick up more of the culture of the winery... I just did not have the privilege of seeing them). But seriously, try the new wine. Look for the new bottle (with the label that looks like the building), and if you care to compare with the old wine (the one of the varietal leaf on it) you will see an obvious evolution of William Hill.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Napa Valley Trip - Louis M. Martini

This is so so so long overdue. I recently made a trip up to northern California and visited San Francisco as well as NAPA VALLEY! It was amazing. While in Napa I toured and tasted at Louis Martini and tasted at William Hill. It was such a great time and totally have to thank my job for hooking up my group.
Louis M. Martini: Got a lot of in
formation about the history of Martini. Louis M. Martini found his calling at a very young age and, without a doubt, perfected his craft. His family now runs his winery which is owned by Gallo.

We arrived in Napa Valley over Labor Day weekend, and as all those wine lover know, during the beginning of the crush. These Syrah grapes were about 2 weeks away from being made into wine, so we were able to eat them right off the vine. They tasted ready. I should tell you know this was my first time in wine country so please excuse me if I am a total novice on my descriptions of these wineries.

There was so much to love about Martini, and Cellar No. 254 was no disappointment. This is where they make their winery exclusive wines including their Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and a number of other limited case wines. I specified the Cab Franc because I coerced the tour guide to smuggle the first bottle from the most recent crop for me to try. They did not yet have it for sale, and had just opened the first bottle for winery employees the day prior. And the Malbec was the wine that I purchases; I have not yet opened it but when I do, I promise to let you know how it was.

This is the tasting room. It is all underground and is absolutely classic. It contains original bottles and advertisements from when Martini first started making wine. We did all of out tastings here, buy since we were in a cellar, my camera didn't take the best pictures. This place is a thousand times better than what the pictures show.

The closing of our visit was our final tasting and lunch at Martini Park. This tour and tasting set a VERY high standard for it being my first. Future wineries better be prepared to live up to this. Has anyone else ever been to Martini? What other wineries have you attended? California, Washington, Oregan? Out of the US? I'd love to hear other recommendations.

Way Too Long

So, after spending a few months traveling and not doing much of anything, my sister gives me a call and says, "Do you still do your wine blog?" And my answer was... not really. So I think I should back in to gear on this. And what better time to do it than while sitting at home drinking a fabulous bottle of wine. What wine is that you ask?
MacMurray Pinot Gris, 2007.
Most people are more familiar with the MacMurray Pinot Noir (also a great wine) since it is widely available in grocery stores and pretty well represented in restaurants. But back to the Pinot Gris. I actually got it as a gift from my boss (pretty good guy to work for, wouldn't you say?) but upon investigation, it costs about $18 retail. It has a little more spice than most Pinot Grigios, but the citrus and melon tastes really stand out. I definitely recommend it to any white wine drinkers.

Find more information about MacMurray wines at http://www.macmurrayranch.com/

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Philosophical Twittering....

I do not twitter. I cannot imagine there is a single person on the planet who needs to know what I am doing 24 hours a day. However, I am currently sitting at my favorite coffee shop, The Royal Coffee Bar (coffee is another interest of mine; it comes most in handy after a crazy night of my interest in wine) where the owner was telling me about his new twitter account which he is using as a way to spark up some interest in the shop before they open a 2nd location.
I mentioned that he should consider starting a blog instead. Give more in depth details about any news on the 2nd location, any special events being held, etc. He says he's not much of a writer and twitter is better for him because he does not need to be as "philisophical" as a blog writer. He doesn't want to disappoint any followers.
I don't consider myself philisophical as much as I consider myself a loud mouth wino... I care enough to say it so I assume you all must care to hear what I have to say. However I am concerned with disappointing any followers so I intend to get back on track and post more often and more SUBSTANCE.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Books and Good Looks

So my book club had their first discussion via video conference online today. We decided that since we were national (1 person in FL, 3 in IL, 1 in AZ, and 1 in OR) we would have a wine night using video call. I got to catch up with some friend discussing both what we had reaad in May as well as what we drinking tonight. I was drinking House Wine white; a white blend of chard, reisling, and moscoto... the best way to sweeten a chardonnay; among other popular choices tonight were Barefoot Pinot Grigio (I dare to find a better PG under $10) and other were enjoying some Pinot Noir... although I can't recall the winery. What did everyone else enjoy this weekend? Anything new?

PS Bookclub pick last month was "Next Thing on My List"; June's pick is "Wednesday Sisters"

Saturday, May 9, 2009


And the only cure is another bottle of Pinot Grigio!

It's over 100 degrees in Phoenix and I am in dire need of light wines...

Swine Flu

While tearing down a wine display I had already built and rebuilt the Creepy Old Greeter (hereby referred to COG) at the store was hovering over me watching me closely.
"Can I help you," I ask politely, because I have proximity issues and she was a little bit close and a little bit distracting.
"Just watchin'," COG replies and continues to hover.
After successfully tearing down and rebuilding the display for the third time in a week I start loading up the display piece to take to my car. I bend down to pick it up and as I rises, the COG is back hovering over me and COUGHS ON ME!!
The very fact that I am touching wine bottles, grocery carts, door handles, etc., that people have been touching all day long makes me a bit of a germaphob to begin with, but this sends me in to a panic.
COG is currently in a state of shock that I am yelling.
Now, I am pretty sure COG is going to slap me. I also realize about 2 hours prior to this happening I was having a conversation about how the media has blown the whole swine flu out of proportion and how irresponsible Matt Lauer is, etc. This has all brought me back to the fact that I am yelling at COG and how this can get me in a bit of trouble over at work so I simply grab my work stuff and haul ass out of the store.
PS COG didn't recognize me next time I came in to the store, so my lesson is learned. But since she didn't recognize me, I'm thinking she didn't learn hers. FOR THE LOVE OF SWINE FLU, COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU SNEEZE/COUGH/YAWN

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scottsdale Culinary Festival/Flavors of the World '09

Lots of great events in past few weeks. I have basically been living behind folding tables serving wine nonstop on the weekends and and working nonstop in stores all week. Culinary fest was as crazy as could be expected. We ran out of beer and wine coolers within a few hours and spent the rest of the time eating and drinking. Flavors of the World was so cool. Some people who were insulting us for being "Barefoot"... "From Modesto"... "Under $10", followed directly by them hanging out at the table for 20 minutes STUNNED that they could love an inexpensive wine... lame. But nonetheless we had a great time at the events and definitely got the hookup on free wine, food, and entertainment. I heart spring in AZ :)

Great Event for a Great Cause

Valley of the Sun Active 20-30 Club put on an AMAZING event last night benefitting the Valley Kids Foundation. I was there serving Barefoot Bubbly and hanging out with one of the best crowds yet. I've been volunteering at events for the past two months but everyone from the women from the 20-30 Club to band to the fun, funny group who attended made the event SUCH and great time.

I spent some time in the gated off smoking area having a cigar with my bubbly. I also got to hang out with the guys from the band, Easton Ashe. They were great guy who were also incredibly talented. They did mostly covers all night but also included some of their own music (not enough if you ask me); they traded us some Cd's for some champagne... after listening to it on my way, I was hooked.

I'm always excited for an event that contributes to a good cause but this was by far the most fun I've had at work in awhile (at least since the last event). The swag bag at the end of the event also helped :)

Some Barefoot Bubbly ideas that we were drinking last night: Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio with a splash of Pomegranet juice. Barefoot Bubbly Brut with Barefoot Moscoto (which is a cocktail I may have mentioned before).

Okay, I'm beat, enough blogging for awhile






Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothing Like A Blue Moon to Make You Want Some... Wine

The thing is, before I worked in wine, I was always a beer drinker. The first thing I ever drank (that didn't make me gag) was Tequiza ****I was only 14, but you are welcome to judge me. Then I moved on to stuff like Smirnoff Ice, and finally ended up with Miller Light (A Midwest classic, never-fail drink). As I went on to college I moved on to Heineken and New Castle... even a strong appreciation for some Guinness.
But the truth is growing into good beer is the same as growing into good wine. You start at the bottom and work your way up. I tell this customers all the time. Go ahead and pick by the label you find prettiest... it will help you find the right varietal for you. Many people start with a white zin because it's sweet and not intimidating. From there they will find a pinot grigio they love. That might lead them into Sauv Blanc which will move you on to Cab Sauv. Red and Whites, what I think is most important is willingness to get exited about new things.
Working for a specific winery even sometimes leaves me limited. Being in sales makes it hard for me to give money to my competition. But I did want to make this post about intro, Under $10 (USA) wines. Because they're good wines and will ultimately bring you on to other wines. SOOOO I will post my own list. Feel free to add on wines that you love, too.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir (California)
Barefoot Merlot(California)
Mirassou Cab (California)

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Italy --- may be higher than $10 in some states)
Barefoot Moscoto (California)
Sebeka Chard (South Africa)
Starborough Sauv Blanc (New Zealand)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Come find Elle in the beer tent!...?

What, not a wine tent? I am not serving wine at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival this year, I will be hanging out in the beer tent instead. I know, it's so unlikely, but I've been serving wine, mostly Barefoot, the past few event so I thought I might branch out for a day.

Chances are I'll be serving beer but I'll still be drinking wine... feel free to come visit!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspired by "Good Wine Under $20"

I decided to spend this Friday night in in an effort to save some money (stupid bad economy). After spending a solid two minutes trying to extract the cork from a bottle of Mirassou Pinot Grigio, I was so ready to drink it. I've had this wine before and it didn't necessarily sit well with my pallet. However, since I did receive a free bottle, I decided to give it a second chance. Now, I just started this 1,200 calorie a day diet (it's almost summer, gotta get my sh*t together) so I got a pretty quick buzz after my first half-glass. I hit 1,100 calories by 330pm, so I decided not to count my wine calories for today.
ANYWAYS, I am taking the wine for what it's worth. What I mean by that is: Mirassou is known for their amazing Pinot Noir. They're also know for introducing a less buttery, more citrus Chard (which I completely love as well). And when a label specializes in specific varietals, it's hard to not have excruciatingly high expectations from all their wines.
So my general preference in a Pinot Grigio is not a peachy taste, which is what I decided is deterring from the Mirassou. However, it is refreshing for an April Arizona day which is hard to come by. I have to appreciate anything that could be considered a summer wine as long as I live in a state where it is summer most months of the year.
I still CANNOT consider it a favorite, but if you do like peach tastes, you will enjoy it. And the pricing on it is pretty unbeatable. As for me, I will continue drinking the Ecco Domani (Italian) when I want a great Pinot Grigio, and Mirassou when I want a Pinot Noir.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A new love for...

Washington Wines. They were a big deal for the last couple of months since WA Wines have started an advertising campaign and I have EASILY bought into the hype.

HOUSE brand Red, White, Fish House (Chard), Steak House (Cab) I love them all
Waterbrook Sauv Blanc, Chard (what I am drinking at this very moment), Merlot-Cab, Reisling, and most importantly MELANGE
Sockeye Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Cab, and Melot

These are just the few brands I've already tried and I love them all. Any other WA Wine suggestions?

Job Description: Selling Wine, Busting Shoplifters

I am walking through a store today and there is a gentleman lingering near the face creams. Strange, yes, but I work in the liquor department so I like to dismiss most people who wouldn't be a customer to me anyways. Moments later I see the same man holding some Olay face cream and then slipping it into his backpack. Um, shady, but this is West Mesa, so not very shocking. As I watch him slipping it into his bag
Elle:You should probably know there is a security camera right over you right now.
Shoplifter: What did you say to me!?
I continue toward the store manager encouraging him to keep an eye on the shoplifter when we are then approached by the shoplifter.
Shoplifter: This *expletive* is *expletive* accusing me of *expletive* stealing
Manager: Please keep it down, there are other people in the store.
The shoplifter continues yelling and pulls the face cream out of his bag... which I am pretty sure is an admission to guilt. He insists it was already in his bag when he came to the store and he intended to do an exchange with it.
Manager: Well it will be easy enough to tell, I will check the inventory on this item and I'm sure it will show that we aren't missing this item.
When the manager walks away the shoplifter exits the store, however in his rant another customer had called the police. After statements were given, yadayadayada, the shoplifter is now banned from the store forever.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"You're not the boss!"

The snow birds have left, the roads are safe again! Unfortunately, the same can't be said for my stores.
Story #1: The Middle-age Man and the Chocolate Chip Cookies
In the back room of an account I am doing some work and a man wanders in.
Middle-age Man: Do you work here?
Elle: No, sir, I'm a vendor. But can I get someone to help you with something?
Middle-age Man: No, I'll get them.
Elle: Actually you're not allowed back here, so if you wait just outside the door I will get someone who can help you.
Middle-age Man (now shouting): Well YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS! You can't tell me not to be here!
Elle: Well, I only have to be nice to you when you're on the sales floor, and you're an asshole!

Employee then arrives to help Middle-age Man. She asks him to please wait on the sales floor while she goes to fine him more chocolate chip cookie mix. When she comes back with it, Middle-age Man has disappeared. 25 minutes later, in the back room:

Elle: Sir, you still can't be back here.
Middle-age Man: Why do you feel the need to boss people around when your not the boss!?
Elle: Why are you incapable of reading a simple sign? You are a liability to this store.

Employee returns with the cookies, laughing at the man. Apparently Middle-age Man has middle child syndrom.

Actually, there's not much of a story until next week when my boss goes in to yell at one of my liquor managers who has CLEARLY lost his mind. The story is a repeat anyway... it's true on a daily basis.

For The Love of Wine!

With my new bank of wine, I have a few suggestions:
Waterbrook Melange (red wine from Washington state)
Dancing Bull Sauv Blanc (White from California, same winery as Rancho Zabaco)
House Red (Washington red blend)
and as always
Frei Bros. Pinot Noir, never fails, California Russian River Valley

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Happy...

Birthday to Elle :) Thanks to the best sister on the PLANET, Cee, who got me my baby computer for faster internet/more blogging...

Still out there doing to wine thing

... I realize what a slacker I've been, really I do. But it's only been in my blogging because I've been working at least 6 days a week for the past few weeks. I've been doing the normal wine selling (MY BOSS: Wine is the 2nd biggest wine holiday of the year) but it's also that time of year in AZ when the weather is nice for about 2.5 months before it's excruciatingly hot out. That can only mean volunteer season. My favorite season of the work year which allows me to not to be stuck ONLY in grocery stores. I love love love doing tastings.
First was the Basha's Bon Vivant. All you can eat, all you can drink benefit for the Boys and Girls Club. I love drinking for a good cause. My recommendation from that night, Frei Brother Zin (I somehow wandered into the VIP section for access to this). I was also paid in wine for the night;4 cases :) No wine shopping for a few weeks.
Next was the Tempe Music Festival.. I worked the Barefoot sample tent - so much fun. We were right next to the Bing Bang dueling pianos so we had some background music. HOWEVER, my recommendation from this event: Shiny Toy Guns... listen to it with a champagne cocktail (Barefoot Bubbly Brut with a splash of Barefoot Moscoto, my drink of choice from the day).
But my favorite event is coming up in 2 weeks: Scottsdale Culinary Festival. More blogging later.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bottle Shock

Oh my goodness, a movie about my favorite beverage. I am actually excited to see this. I just heard about it not too long ago when I saw a preview when I was at the theater and I just got a reminder about it. Just wanted to share my excitement. Anyone who's already seen it, please let me know what you thought!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Not too bad a week considering how the others have gone. Had a fantastic "meeting" on Wed that required me to not go into a single account but forced me to attend a spring training game :) I have to leave for work 1 hour ago so I am going to cut this short. I will leave you with one idea:
Barefoot Moscoto... have you tried it? do you like it? it may be the only sweet wine I really like

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Much better mood

So on top of all the work stuff last week was a pretty good week. I sold a bunch of displays into my stores which is always good for me plus a friend of mine was in town from Chicago. She also happens to be quite the wine enthusiast. She was here on business so our time was fairly limited but I did get to bring her to at least one of my favorite restaurants that also has an amazing wine list. Cafe Boa in Tempe, AZ (located on Mill Ave) is pretty much in the heart of ASU college town. The weather has been perfect so we got the whole atmosphere that I love most about Boa by sitting on their patio. Their wait staff actually knows their sh*t about the menu - both food and drink. Fresh bread appetizer, avacado salad, and of course the best choices of wine. My favorite of the night was the Sauvignon Blanc made locally in AZ. I tend to question anything "grown" in the desert but I was surprised by how much I loved it. I'll have to do more research into the exact wine because I forgot to write it down and for some reason it is not listed on the Cafe Boa website. I know the winemaker is the frontman of Tool (the band) and well... like I said, I need to do more research. **Possibly the Arizona Stronghold from Cochise County, but I'll keep you updated.


Three people from the company just quit, my manager is out due to a family emergency, and anyone remaining is probably sick. Plus, it's "handselling" time for the launch of New Amsterdam gin... which means add on 3 extra hours to your days. This is why my blog has been dry for the past week-ish. Anyway, handselling includes talking to customers in my accounts about our new brand and trying to convince them to try it. If the customer is willing to purchase a bottle we givet them t-shirts, key chains, etc. It does NOT include samples. And if you are NOT buying a bottle, I am NOT giving you any of the free stuff. And it SHOULD NOT include me listening to peoples' life stories of why they don't drink gin, don't drink at all, or have the opinion of me "doing satan's work" by encouraging others to drink.
FIRST OFF: Why do you want a t-shirt with the name of a product that you won't use on it?
SECOND: Just because I'm smiling and being nice doesn't mean I'm flirting with you. It means I'm doing my job trying to get you to pick up a bottle.
C: If you really don't drink gin, or don't drink at all, don't hang out by my stand or in the liquor department.
Next: If I were giving samples, there would be a line out the door, not me standing alone... your jokes are not original.
AND FINALLY: I'm only being bitter here cuz I can't do it when I'm working.
My job is awesome, I get to sell acohol. I get to make fun displays. I get to go on wine tasting, and never sit in an office. I don't mind schmoozing about my products, but I AM working and don't want to hear about your family history of alcoholism.

I have some important wine stories to share later, but this is a venting post. Happy weekend winos.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Sick

I HATE calling in sick to work... not as much as my manager hates me calling in sick to work, but still. I have been off with the flu for the last two days and am quite eager to return to my unsimpathetic buyers tomorrow. Ugh... my sleeping is off from two straight days of non-stop sleep, so getting up at 5am tomorrow should be fun. Okay, done venting. I'll be back tomorrow with some positive attitude, I promise.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comment of Last Week

Mocking Liquor Manager: QUIT MIXIN' THE COOLERS YA'LL!!!

BAD Idea

I have learned the lesson FAR too many times that having a hangover and working with alcohol never go hand in hand. For this reason I almost never drink more than a glass or two of wine on work nights. However, I seldom hold back on the weekends. I may have disregarded my rule when I opened the 3rd bottle of Barefoot (between two people) last night. Normally I don't work Saturdays but my judgement had already been effected by the wine and it slipped my mind that I was volunteering a wine tasting today... pouring none other than the wine that is now attempting to kill me. Barefoot tastings are always the most fun; not uptight at all, very casual, and a great Barefooter* to work with. Let's hope I can encourage people to try the brand even with my head spinning. Any advice on a cure for a wine hangover? Beer/hard liquor tend to make me crave terribly fatty food but I'm not feeling that with the wine hangover.
ANYWAYS, If you are in the Phoenix area stop by and visit me at the Scottdale Arts Festival and grab a glass of wine :)

* Barefooters are the people employed by the Barefoot winery to promote the brand across the country. T

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversation of the Day

80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: Where do I find the red wine
Elle: What kind of red wine were you looking for?
80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: The kind that's good for ya'!
Elle: Umm.. Do you prefer a cab or a merlot or a pinot noir...
80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: The news says it's good for my heart, so whichever one that is. And if it could taste good,too. I'd like it to taste good

FINALLY drinking wine again

FINALLY had a relaxing night last night and decided to FINALLY try Le Grand Pinot Noir. I received it as a gift from my company after volunteering some wine tasting and have resisted opening it worried that if I really loved it I might not be able to find it again. It's a french wine, the bottle I have is a 2006 and the label announced it was aged in oak for 6 months. Well, I FINALLY broke it open and I did love it. I'm pretty sure I could get another bottle at Wine Plus or BevMo! or wherever, just none of the grocery stores I work in. It is a screw cap which many wine snobs... I mean drinkers, are opposed to but I will consider myself more a modern wine enthusiast and am seldom phased by what screw cap, cork, or rubber cork. And I do say "enthusiast" NOT connoisseur. From my minimal research, I believe the cost is between $6 and 12 and I do intend to hunt down another bottle SOON. I'll let you know when I FINALLY do

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Entire Weekend...

And not a single day off :( Yep, worked on both Saturday and Sunday. I am a little too dedicated but the display I had to build came out perfect and I might seriously consider putting pictures if it up once I get them developed. What's REALLY sad is that a whole weekend of working and I haven't actually CONSUMED any wine. What's that about anyways? I did however take my (slightly belated) holiday bonus and went shopping for my NYC trip in May. NYC is my excuse for EVERYTHING... or at least to buy everything :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Sorry, My Lushes

I swore I was going to be good about writing on this blog but between the New Amsterdam launch and getting 8 new accounts PLUS a huge wine sale starting this weekend, I've been pressed for time. Besides that, my computer is on the fritz and I've been using my roommates only occassionally. However, I am for sure going to try harder. After my list of "Bad day" precursers, I decided I should give fuller explanations which I will start to do... next time. I'm so exhausted, so until next time, happy drinking :)

Bad Day

You know it's going to be a bad day when:

- A shard of glass from an exploding wine cooler somehow leaps 5 feet in the air to cut your chin.

- Grocery store shoppers yell at you for not knowing where to find the canned tomatoes, toilet paper, or anything that is not located in the liquor department, despite explaining to them you do not work for the store

- Someone has removed 120 cases of your product from a display and asks you to rebuild it for the 6th time

- A crazy Mesa woman hits your car with her door and then proceeds to call the police (though there is no damage) and put a curse on you (ONLY IN MESA)

- You're getting chewed out by store managers via work voicemail

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tonight is one of my very favorite friends birthday celebration and since she's brillaint, she chose a wine bar for the night. Kazimierz Wine Bar in Scottsdale, AZ is this amazing lounge-y wine bar that usually has some sort of live entertainment. It's a little hidden away and has dim lighting which means after a few drinks, no one can tell if you're becoming a mess. But what REALLY matters is the wine list which is the length of a short novel and I intend to consume a few of them tonight. I will update on what was tasted and how long I lasted tomorrow.

When work ruins my life

It is currently 5:30am and while on a M-F this would be ideal for me to be awake, IT IS SATURDAY! I want to be able to sleep until at least the sun is up, but no. No matter how late I go to sleep, I wake up at 5:30. Well happy f-ing saturday, I'll wash some clothes and nap midday.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Schlotzsky's Deli

HOLLAR! Longest day IN LIFE. However, I have found a way to escape by having lunch at a place that offers me free internet along with a computer so I don't have to bring my own laptop to work (which I don't actually have anyway). Just needed to take a few minutes to vent and relax. Now back to the wine!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Amsterdam is here!

I actually intended for this blog to be more about my crazy work stories rather than specifically pushing brands (mainly because I have to push brands all day in my accounts) but I feel the need to share this brand. 
New Amsterdam Straight Gin. The launch was yesterday (in Phoenix) although it has already been available in other areas. The party was perfect. A cocktail party with a sushi bar as well as an open bar (which may be what's gotten me so excited about the brand). The catch phrase for the brand is "So smooth you can drink it straight", but I was definitely adding some tonic to mine. After going through the presentation of the brand, we got to the part that really counted: the tasting. Under most circumstances I'm more of a vodka/tonic (Effin is my first choice, and not a brand I work for) but the New Amsterdam was smooth enough to make me go back for seconds... and thirds... and the night gets a little blurry but possibly a fourth. 
By the end of the night I was schmoozing with winery and marketing execs and bonding with my wasted coworkers and taking pictures with my boss. T took two swift falls and R and C went home together. 
I woke up to a text message from B's gf asking if I knew where B was because he wasn't answering his phone and never came home last night (later found out B was fine and just turned his phone on silent and went back to his own place instead of to his gf's... yay for no MIA coworks!!) I didn't realize until about 5am that J crashed on my couch after being too wasted to drive the 4 blocks back to his own house. I had to wake him up and remind him of his ride along with our boss which was to begin at 6am. Overall though, I'd say the night was fun and I didn't embarrass myself... at least not that I remember and not more than anyone else. 
But most important to mention is that after many drinks and only a few hours of sleep: NO HANGOVER!! Yes, New Amsterdam has found a new drinker in me. 

PS The entire night involved cab rides and absolutely NO drinking and driving. Drinking is too fun to ruin it with a DUI or car accident... so don't be lame