Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Sick

I HATE calling in sick to work... not as much as my manager hates me calling in sick to work, but still. I have been off with the flu for the last two days and am quite eager to return to my unsimpathetic buyers tomorrow. Ugh... my sleeping is off from two straight days of non-stop sleep, so getting up at 5am tomorrow should be fun. Okay, done venting. I'll be back tomorrow with some positive attitude, I promise.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comment of Last Week

Mocking Liquor Manager: QUIT MIXIN' THE COOLERS YA'LL!!!

BAD Idea

I have learned the lesson FAR too many times that having a hangover and working with alcohol never go hand in hand. For this reason I almost never drink more than a glass or two of wine on work nights. However, I seldom hold back on the weekends. I may have disregarded my rule when I opened the 3rd bottle of Barefoot (between two people) last night. Normally I don't work Saturdays but my judgement had already been effected by the wine and it slipped my mind that I was volunteering a wine tasting today... pouring none other than the wine that is now attempting to kill me. Barefoot tastings are always the most fun; not uptight at all, very casual, and a great Barefooter* to work with. Let's hope I can encourage people to try the brand even with my head spinning. Any advice on a cure for a wine hangover? Beer/hard liquor tend to make me crave terribly fatty food but I'm not feeling that with the wine hangover.
ANYWAYS, If you are in the Phoenix area stop by and visit me at the Scottdale Arts Festival and grab a glass of wine :)

* Barefooters are the people employed by the Barefoot winery to promote the brand across the country. T

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversation of the Day

80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: Where do I find the red wine
Elle: What kind of red wine were you looking for?
80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: The kind that's good for ya'!
Elle: Umm.. Do you prefer a cab or a merlot or a pinot noir...
80+ Gentleman in Liquor Dept: The news says it's good for my heart, so whichever one that is. And if it could taste good,too. I'd like it to taste good

FINALLY drinking wine again

FINALLY had a relaxing night last night and decided to FINALLY try Le Grand Pinot Noir. I received it as a gift from my company after volunteering some wine tasting and have resisted opening it worried that if I really loved it I might not be able to find it again. It's a french wine, the bottle I have is a 2006 and the label announced it was aged in oak for 6 months. Well, I FINALLY broke it open and I did love it. I'm pretty sure I could get another bottle at Wine Plus or BevMo! or wherever, just none of the grocery stores I work in. It is a screw cap which many wine snobs... I mean drinkers, are opposed to but I will consider myself more a modern wine enthusiast and am seldom phased by what screw cap, cork, or rubber cork. And I do say "enthusiast" NOT connoisseur. From my minimal research, I believe the cost is between $6 and 12 and I do intend to hunt down another bottle SOON. I'll let you know when I FINALLY do

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Entire Weekend...

And not a single day off :( Yep, worked on both Saturday and Sunday. I am a little too dedicated but the display I had to build came out perfect and I might seriously consider putting pictures if it up once I get them developed. What's REALLY sad is that a whole weekend of working and I haven't actually CONSUMED any wine. What's that about anyways? I did however take my (slightly belated) holiday bonus and went shopping for my NYC trip in May. NYC is my excuse for EVERYTHING... or at least to buy everything :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Sorry, My Lushes

I swore I was going to be good about writing on this blog but between the New Amsterdam launch and getting 8 new accounts PLUS a huge wine sale starting this weekend, I've been pressed for time. Besides that, my computer is on the fritz and I've been using my roommates only occassionally. However, I am for sure going to try harder. After my list of "Bad day" precursers, I decided I should give fuller explanations which I will start to do... next time. I'm so exhausted, so until next time, happy drinking :)

Bad Day

You know it's going to be a bad day when:

- A shard of glass from an exploding wine cooler somehow leaps 5 feet in the air to cut your chin.

- Grocery store shoppers yell at you for not knowing where to find the canned tomatoes, toilet paper, or anything that is not located in the liquor department, despite explaining to them you do not work for the store

- Someone has removed 120 cases of your product from a display and asks you to rebuild it for the 6th time

- A crazy Mesa woman hits your car with her door and then proceeds to call the police (though there is no damage) and put a curse on you (ONLY IN MESA)

- You're getting chewed out by store managers via work voicemail