Sunday, March 1, 2009


Three people from the company just quit, my manager is out due to a family emergency, and anyone remaining is probably sick. Plus, it's "handselling" time for the launch of New Amsterdam gin... which means add on 3 extra hours to your days. This is why my blog has been dry for the past week-ish. Anyway, handselling includes talking to customers in my accounts about our new brand and trying to convince them to try it. If the customer is willing to purchase a bottle we givet them t-shirts, key chains, etc. It does NOT include samples. And if you are NOT buying a bottle, I am NOT giving you any of the free stuff. And it SHOULD NOT include me listening to peoples' life stories of why they don't drink gin, don't drink at all, or have the opinion of me "doing satan's work" by encouraging others to drink.
FIRST OFF: Why do you want a t-shirt with the name of a product that you won't use on it?
SECOND: Just because I'm smiling and being nice doesn't mean I'm flirting with you. It means I'm doing my job trying to get you to pick up a bottle.
C: If you really don't drink gin, or don't drink at all, don't hang out by my stand or in the liquor department.
Next: If I were giving samples, there would be a line out the door, not me standing alone... your jokes are not original.
AND FINALLY: I'm only being bitter here cuz I can't do it when I'm working.
My job is awesome, I get to sell acohol. I get to make fun displays. I get to go on wine tasting, and never sit in an office. I don't mind schmoozing about my products, but I AM working and don't want to hear about your family history of alcoholism.

I have some important wine stories to share later, but this is a venting post. Happy weekend winos.

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