Friday, October 23, 2009

Napa Valley Trip - Louis M. Martini

This is so so so long overdue. I recently made a trip up to northern California and visited San Francisco as well as NAPA VALLEY! It was amazing. While in Napa I toured and tasted at Louis Martini and tasted at William Hill. It was such a great time and totally have to thank my job for hooking up my group.
Louis M. Martini: Got a lot of in
formation about the history of Martini. Louis M. Martini found his calling at a very young age and, without a doubt, perfected his craft. His family now runs his winery which is owned by Gallo.

We arrived in Napa Valley over Labor Day weekend, and as all those wine lover know, during the beginning of the crush. These Syrah grapes were about 2 weeks away from being made into wine, so we were able to eat them right off the vine. They tasted ready. I should tell you know this was my first time in wine country so please excuse me if I am a total novice on my descriptions of these wineries.

There was so much to love about Martini, and Cellar No. 254 was no disappointment. This is where they make their winery exclusive wines including their Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and a number of other limited case wines. I specified the Cab Franc because I coerced the tour guide to smuggle the first bottle from the most recent crop for me to try. They did not yet have it for sale, and had just opened the first bottle for winery employees the day prior. And the Malbec was the wine that I purchases; I have not yet opened it but when I do, I promise to let you know how it was.

This is the tasting room. It is all underground and is absolutely classic. It contains original bottles and advertisements from when Martini first started making wine. We did all of out tastings here, buy since we were in a cellar, my camera didn't take the best pictures. This place is a thousand times better than what the pictures show.

The closing of our visit was our final tasting and lunch at Martini Park. This tour and tasting set a VERY high standard for it being my first. Future wineries better be prepared to live up to this. Has anyone else ever been to Martini? What other wineries have you attended? California, Washington, Oregan? Out of the US? I'd love to hear other recommendations.

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