Friday, October 23, 2009

Way Too Long

So, after spending a few months traveling and not doing much of anything, my sister gives me a call and says, "Do you still do your wine blog?" And my answer was... not really. So I think I should back in to gear on this. And what better time to do it than while sitting at home drinking a fabulous bottle of wine. What wine is that you ask?
MacMurray Pinot Gris, 2007.
Most people are more familiar with the MacMurray Pinot Noir (also a great wine) since it is widely available in grocery stores and pretty well represented in restaurants. But back to the Pinot Gris. I actually got it as a gift from my boss (pretty good guy to work for, wouldn't you say?) but upon investigation, it costs about $18 retail. It has a little more spice than most Pinot Grigios, but the citrus and melon tastes really stand out. I definitely recommend it to any white wine drinkers.

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