Saturday, October 24, 2009

Napa Valley Trip - William Hill

Yep, that's the same as the label. The top of the building that is. Before visiting William Hill, my company went through a little relaunch and tasting of the wines. We talked about a few years back when William Hill Cabernet Sauvinon was ranked in the top ten wines in the world... followed by a few years of not quite living up to that year's grape. And how with a new winemaker, the whole brand would be revamped and re-released. Well... it seems like they've had a great start.
First off, I had already drank more than a few glasses of wine from Louis Martini when I arrived at William Hill, so I apologize for fewer pictures as well as fewer details. I do know I asked if the winemaker was there (He is very handsome, and very skilled at his winemaking... what else are girls looking for?), but he was not there that day :( There was no tour, but we did relax and have a few samples during our VIP tasting. There is a difference between the regular wine tasting and the VIP tasting... I believe all the wines are different except for 1.
I really wish I could tell you more, but I am lacking on details as I already mentions. My favorite was the Cabernet Franc, which I realized during this trip is probably my new favorite varietal of wine. I purchased the Petit Verdot which was DIVINE, if you like exceptionally dry wine.

This was the view of their vineyards. The wine making rooms were a little dull and mechanical from what I could see. The pictures did not come out very clear because they were taken through a window (because we tasted but did NOT tour, we did not get a chance to actually go in to the room, and I am sure there are more rooms where you would pick up more of the culture of the winery... I just did not have the privilege of seeing them). But seriously, try the new wine. Look for the new bottle (with the label that looks like the building), and if you care to compare with the old wine (the one of the varietal leaf on it) you will see an obvious evolution of William Hill.

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