Saturday, February 14, 2009

BAD Idea

I have learned the lesson FAR too many times that having a hangover and working with alcohol never go hand in hand. For this reason I almost never drink more than a glass or two of wine on work nights. However, I seldom hold back on the weekends. I may have disregarded my rule when I opened the 3rd bottle of Barefoot (between two people) last night. Normally I don't work Saturdays but my judgement had already been effected by the wine and it slipped my mind that I was volunteering a wine tasting today... pouring none other than the wine that is now attempting to kill me. Barefoot tastings are always the most fun; not uptight at all, very casual, and a great Barefooter* to work with. Let's hope I can encourage people to try the brand even with my head spinning. Any advice on a cure for a wine hangover? Beer/hard liquor tend to make me crave terribly fatty food but I'm not feeling that with the wine hangover.
ANYWAYS, If you are in the Phoenix area stop by and visit me at the Scottdale Arts Festival and grab a glass of wine :)

* Barefooters are the people employed by the Barefoot winery to promote the brand across the country. T

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