Thursday, February 12, 2009

FINALLY drinking wine again

FINALLY had a relaxing night last night and decided to FINALLY try Le Grand Pinot Noir. I received it as a gift from my company after volunteering some wine tasting and have resisted opening it worried that if I really loved it I might not be able to find it again. It's a french wine, the bottle I have is a 2006 and the label announced it was aged in oak for 6 months. Well, I FINALLY broke it open and I did love it. I'm pretty sure I could get another bottle at Wine Plus or BevMo! or wherever, just none of the grocery stores I work in. It is a screw cap which many wine snobs... I mean drinkers, are opposed to but I will consider myself more a modern wine enthusiast and am seldom phased by what screw cap, cork, or rubber cork. And I do say "enthusiast" NOT connoisseur. From my minimal research, I believe the cost is between $6 and 12 and I do intend to hunt down another bottle SOON. I'll let you know when I FINALLY do

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