Monday, April 13, 2009

Job Description: Selling Wine, Busting Shoplifters

I am walking through a store today and there is a gentleman lingering near the face creams. Strange, yes, but I work in the liquor department so I like to dismiss most people who wouldn't be a customer to me anyways. Moments later I see the same man holding some Olay face cream and then slipping it into his backpack. Um, shady, but this is West Mesa, so not very shocking. As I watch him slipping it into his bag
Elle:You should probably know there is a security camera right over you right now.
Shoplifter: What did you say to me!?
I continue toward the store manager encouraging him to keep an eye on the shoplifter when we are then approached by the shoplifter.
Shoplifter: This *expletive* is *expletive* accusing me of *expletive* stealing
Manager: Please keep it down, there are other people in the store.
The shoplifter continues yelling and pulls the face cream out of his bag... which I am pretty sure is an admission to guilt. He insists it was already in his bag when he came to the store and he intended to do an exchange with it.
Manager: Well it will be easy enough to tell, I will check the inventory on this item and I'm sure it will show that we aren't missing this item.
When the manager walks away the shoplifter exits the store, however in his rant another customer had called the police. After statements were given, yadayadayada, the shoplifter is now banned from the store forever.

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