Saturday, April 11, 2009

"You're not the boss!"

The snow birds have left, the roads are safe again! Unfortunately, the same can't be said for my stores.
Story #1: The Middle-age Man and the Chocolate Chip Cookies
In the back room of an account I am doing some work and a man wanders in.
Middle-age Man: Do you work here?
Elle: No, sir, I'm a vendor. But can I get someone to help you with something?
Middle-age Man: No, I'll get them.
Elle: Actually you're not allowed back here, so if you wait just outside the door I will get someone who can help you.
Middle-age Man (now shouting): Well YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS! You can't tell me not to be here!
Elle: Well, I only have to be nice to you when you're on the sales floor, and you're an asshole!

Employee then arrives to help Middle-age Man. She asks him to please wait on the sales floor while she goes to fine him more chocolate chip cookie mix. When she comes back with it, Middle-age Man has disappeared. 25 minutes later, in the back room:

Elle: Sir, you still can't be back here.
Middle-age Man: Why do you feel the need to boss people around when your not the boss!?
Elle: Why are you incapable of reading a simple sign? You are a liability to this store.

Employee returns with the cookies, laughing at the man. Apparently Middle-age Man has middle child syndrom.

Actually, there's not much of a story until next week when my boss goes in to yell at one of my liquor managers who has CLEARLY lost his mind. The story is a repeat anyway... it's true on a daily basis.

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  1. why do you boss people around? He has a good point.