Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothing Like A Blue Moon to Make You Want Some... Wine

The thing is, before I worked in wine, I was always a beer drinker. The first thing I ever drank (that didn't make me gag) was Tequiza ****I was only 14, but you are welcome to judge me. Then I moved on to stuff like Smirnoff Ice, and finally ended up with Miller Light (A Midwest classic, never-fail drink). As I went on to college I moved on to Heineken and New Castle... even a strong appreciation for some Guinness.
But the truth is growing into good beer is the same as growing into good wine. You start at the bottom and work your way up. I tell this customers all the time. Go ahead and pick by the label you find prettiest... it will help you find the right varietal for you. Many people start with a white zin because it's sweet and not intimidating. From there they will find a pinot grigio they love. That might lead them into Sauv Blanc which will move you on to Cab Sauv. Red and Whites, what I think is most important is willingness to get exited about new things.
Working for a specific winery even sometimes leaves me limited. Being in sales makes it hard for me to give money to my competition. But I did want to make this post about intro, Under $10 (USA) wines. Because they're good wines and will ultimately bring you on to other wines. SOOOO I will post my own list. Feel free to add on wines that you love, too.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir (California)
Barefoot Merlot(California)
Mirassou Cab (California)

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Italy --- may be higher than $10 in some states)
Barefoot Moscoto (California)
Sebeka Chard (South Africa)
Starborough Sauv Blanc (New Zealand)

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